Auction Design for CNEE
As a consultant and practitioner, I advised Guatemala's electric power regulator (the Comisión Nacional de Energía Electrica -CNEE-) on the design of a procurement auction for 6 BOO (build, own & operate) contracts for high-power transmission lines. Based on the objectives of the procurement auction, and upon learning about the potential participants, their interests and the degree of synergies among the contracts, I recommended a first-price sealed bid combinatorial auction. After testing the mechanism in a controlled environment and presenting the results, the CNEE agreed to implement the proposed design.

In December 2009, the procurement auction took place successfully; a consortium of a colombian and a mexican firms (Empresa de Energía de Bogotá and EDEMTEC) won the auction with an offer for annual revenues of US$32.3499MM for the 6 contracts, 53% lower than the other offer for all six contracts.

More details about the project and auction process here.

Other Consulting Experience
I have also served as a consultant for Guatemala City's Municipal Government, for August Systems (on an project for Singapore's Energy Market Authority), Arlington Economics (a project on vertical integration in the cable TV market, and another one on a merger of satellite radio), the IADB, the World Bank, and the William Davidson Institue.