My research using economic experiments to understand human behavior and the properties of various institutions. I have used field experiments to investigate how new policies can affect economic development through changes in behavior. I use controlled laboratory experiments to understand strategic behavior in social, political and market settings, and the dynamics and performance of alternative market mechanisms.  


Working Papers

Ongoing Research

  • "Social Norms and Dishonesty across Societies," with Benjamin Beranek, Lucas Rentschler and Jonathan Schultz 
  • “Rational Ignorance and Timing of Information Acquisition,” with Andrei Gomberg, Alexander Elbittar and Lucas Rentschler
  • “Re-Trading, Price Discovery and Efficiency under Alternative Exchange Institutions” with David Porter and Vernon Smith
  • "Asymmetric Information and Equilibrium Selection: Experimental Evidence," with Rimvyidas Baltaduonis and Lucas Rentschler
  • “Entrepreneurial Propensity, Risk and Causality: Experimental Evidence from a developing Country", with Jaime Díaz and Lucas Rentschler
Other Publications 
  • “What can experimental economists learn from Adam Smith?” with Lucas Rentschler, in A Companion to Adam Smith, ed. Julio H. Cole (Guatemala: Universidad Francisco Marroquín) 2017
  • “Economic Systems Design” with David Porter and Stephen Rassenti, in Experimental Economics.Volume II: Economic Applications, ed. Pablo Brañas-Garza and Antonio Cabrales (London: Palgrave Macmillan) 2016.
  • “Measuring the Impact of the US Financial Crisis on Salvadoran Migrants and Family Remittances” with Sebastian Calonico, Gabriela Inchauste, Claudia Martinez and Dean Yang, in Financing the Family: Remittances to Central America in a Time of Crisis. ed. Gabriela Inchauste and Ernesto Stein, Inter-American Development Bank (New York, Palgrave Macmillan) 2013.
  • “Diseño de Sistemas Económicos” with David Porter and Stephen Rassenti, in Economía Experimental y del Comportamiento, ed. Pablo Brañas-Garza (Barcelona: Antoni Bosch) 2011.
  • “Extending the Analysis: Dominican Republic. An Assessment of the USAID Investors Roadmap and a New Institutional Economics Perspective on the Barriers to Entrepreneurship” with David Harper and Andrés Marroquín, in New Institutional Economics and Development: Case Studies and Applications; USAID, Forum 8,Mercatus Center at George Mason University and IRIS, Washington, D.C., 17 September 2003.