My line of research involves using experimental economics to understand human behavior and the properties of various institutions. I also use field experiments or randomized evaluations to investigate how new policies or alternative institutional arrangements can affect economic development through changes in behavior. I also use controlled laboratory experiments to understand strategic behavior in social, political and market settings, and the dynamics and performance of alternative market mechanisms.  

Publications and Working Papers

Ongoing Research

  • "What Drives Over-Expenditure of Effort in Contests? An Experimental Investigation," with Rimvyidas Baltaduonis and Lucas Rentschler
  • "Limited Liability and Renegotiation in Auctions: Experimental Evidence," with Rimvyidas Baltaduonis and Lucas Rentschler
  • "Asymmetric Information in Common Value Auctions: Experimental Evidence," with Rimvyidas Baltaduonis and Lucas Rentschler
  • "Social Norms and Culture," with Jonathan Schultz and Lucas Rentschler